Part 5: The final February with my mom

February 25, 2021 Today has been surreal. It started with me “kidnapping” my mom from a horrible hospital and rushing her to Mayo Hospital via a medical transport van paid for with my credit card less than 12 hours ago. This feels like the plot in one of those suspense novels my mom used toContinue reading “Part 5: The final February with my mom”

The final February with my mom

“When you feel like something is off, it probably is. Go with your gut.” ~ My mom. I don’t know why I’m doing this – writing this out chronologically – only that I need to. Part of me still can’t believe that the events leading up to my mom’s death unfolded the way they did.Continue reading “The final February with my mom”

Letting go of my mom’s house

I’ve been putting this off. I wanted to be in a better and stronger head space. I wanted to write this with my head held high. I wanted to make her proud. The truth is my shoulders are slumped as I write through my tears. I’m riddled with guilt, and I’m overcome with shame. IContinue reading “Letting go of my mom’s house”

Hija de Gloria | Gloria’s Daughter

I wasn’t ready to lose her. I wasn’t ready to exist in this world without her. She didn’t even know. She had no idea that cancer had been consuming her body or for how long. And then everything happened so fast.