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Part 5: The final February with my mom

February 25, 2021 Today has been surreal. It started with me “kidnapping” my mom from a horrible hospital and rushing her to Mayo Hospital via a medical transport van paid for with my credit card less than 12 hours ago. This feels like the plot in one of those suspense novels my mom used to…

Part 4: The final February with mom

“Promise me that you’ll live your lives. For me. For the family. Promise me.” ~ My Mom. It’s 1 p.m. on February 25, 2021 and we just finished “kidnapping” my mom from Abrazo Hospital. She’s now resting comfortably and in good hands with the ER doctors and nurses at Mayo Hospital. A team of doctors…

Part 3: The final February with my mom

“You just keep going, mija. Breathe, just breathe, and keep going.” ~ My Mom. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24, 2021 I wake up exhausted with swollen eyes and half a plan. It’s not really a plan, it’s a goal: Get my mom out of Abrazo Hospital. I spend the day calling the hospital. Case Managers. Supervisors of…

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